Chris Shelton is an internationally performed composer and guitarist based in Orlando, Florida.  He earned a Bachelor of Music degree in composition from Berklee College of Music, a Master of Music degree in Theoretical Studies from New England Conservatory, and is currently a doctoral student in composition at the University of Florida.  He has studied composition and theory with John Bavicchi, Pozzi Escot, Vuk Kulenovic, and Roger Graybill, among others.  He studied classical guitar with Abigail Aronson, Peter Clemente, and David Leisner.

As a founding member of the Boston-based composers’ group Aggregate he has had pieces, ranging from solo piano to string orchestra, performed in and around the Boston area and in New York.  He has written numerous pieces for concert band and has had recordings made by the First Coast Wind Symphony in Jacksonville, FL.  He has also had works commissioned by the Indian Hill Music School in Littleton, MA and has had works performed in Italy as part of the Alba Music Festival, in São Paulo, Brazil as part of the São Paulo Contemporary Composers Festival, and in Vienna, Austria as part of the Vienna Summer Music Festival.

As a classical guitar performer, he has played many of the classical pieces in the standard repertoire in performances in Boston, Pittsburgh, Connecticut, and around the New England area.

As an electric bassist Chris has performed in groups such as The Francis Kim Band and Introspection which gave him extensive studio recording experience.  While with these groups Chris performed on a regular basis in New York’s Greenwich Village, Boston, and has toured throughout the East Coast of the United States, including Philadelphia and Baltimore, and the Midwest and west, including Oberlin College, Chicago, and Los Angeles.