“Embarkation: The Resiliency of Humanity Amid Covid-19” was written and performed by José Valentino and Bruno Miranda. For this piece was was a Music Supervisor. For this I transcribed the piece, prepared the score, and provided additional supervision for the final product.

“Serpent Mound” performed by PHACE at the 2019 Vienna Summer Music Festival in Vienna, Austria conducted by Daniel Rueda Blanco.

Salem’s Lot (Clarinet, Violin, ‘Cello, Piano):  Performed by the SOLI Chamber Ensemble at the 2018 Alba Music Festival, Alba, Italy.

A Dream Disturbed (Piano, Vibraphone, Snare Drum, Soprano Saxophone)

A Winter Storm in Old New England (Concert Band)

Game Day! (Concert Band)

String Quartet I (Mvt. I)

A Finale (What Era is this Anyway?) (Woodwind Quartet)

An Autumn Beginning in Old New England (Concert Band)

An Early Spring in Old New England (Concert Band)